to an endless road,

I thought I had a choice at the intersection of right and left.  But I noticed that I could still turn right in the left turn lane. Strange, its like I still had options even after making the decision to turn left, like fate was giving me a second chance to decide, but strange enough I took a left still.  I traveled down that left road until it came to dead halt, until there was no more road to travel by car.  I had to get out and breath in the air of nothingness, nowhereness.  The world seems to stop there, there was no more beyond the road, none that I had ever traveled at least.  I donned a backpack full of emergency equipment and began to walk.  The mountains were black and white diamonds and the moon was an iridescent rainbow glaze.  The road was a milky marble surface where my feet would sink into and the sky was illuminated pink.  The road seems endless and I was curious so I kept on going, walking along the road that I had chose since I turned left off the 405 freeway that one Saturday night in August.  I could have never predicted that it would have lead me to the edge of my own consciousness and beyond, that where my mind could only imagine was the beginning of a journey i knew nothing about.  was there wifi out here in this desolate desert of my imagination?  Where would i fill my canteen of water? Would I have thirst out here? Do I still have my senses?  It was so silent that I forgot if I could still hear and it seemed like everything was a shift of my mind, that the moment I began to think of something, the air would shift and begun a different place.  I realized that I was in slight control of my environment and began to wish up fantastical backdrops for the endless road.  Marshmellow bushes and figs the size of sedans.  The sky dripped of tamarind juice and I had to just lick the air around me for a taste.  Everything around me was sticky and sweet and soon my stomach began to ache for a normal surrounding.  No sooner did I think of home did the mountains of candy become track housing and the landscape of milk and honey become suburbia.  And now, I’m depressed.

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About a'misa chiu

i am a wandering soul in search of good people, a good book and a hot cup of tea. i graviate towards the unknown and curiousity will probably kill me, but i like the hunt and thrill of eventually knowing and experiencing newness. i currently roam around LA with my partner-in-crime, alex chiu, leaving a trail of art wherever we go.

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