dear love, and you too, money,

ReMeMbEr WhEN wE uSeD To KiCk IT BeHiND ThE BLeAcHeRS, ALL tHAT maCkiNg AnD KiSSiNG AbOuT.  I ThOuGhT YoU WeRe LeGiT, LoVE, BuT ThEn YoU ReAReD YoUr NaStY FaCE AnD I WaS LikE, EWWWW… OH NO YoU DiDn’T, AnD ChAsED YoU DoWN tHe HALLwAY.  MoNeY, YoU LiKe To KiCK IT WiTh LoVe SoMEtiMeS NeaR S-WinG.  YoU uSeD To BrAG AnD BrAG AbOuT HoW YoU DeAL ThIS WaY anD ThAt WaY, AnD PlAyiNg RiSkY GaMeS oF HoLd’Em.

ReMeMBER WhEN? xoxo

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About a'misa chiu

i am a wandering soul in search of good people, a good book and a hot cup of tea. i graviate towards the unknown and curiousity will probably kill me, but i like the hunt and thrill of eventually knowing and experiencing newness. i currently roam around LA with my partner-in-crime, alex chiu, leaving a trail of art wherever we go.

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